Traveling Tryst

of the Social & Sensual

Love is the food of life, and travel is the dessert

Exclusive Tryst

Can you envision me? Coming directly to when and where you desire, dressed in exactly what you desire, engaging in an exclusive tryst layered in uniqueness and exclusivity? Great effort is placed in catering and curating our encounter. The excitement, uniqueness, and exclusivity these tryst naturally create, truly make them my favorite encounters. “As soon as I seen you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen”… if this quote resonates with you like it does me, let’s start here and now. Here’s to experiences lived, to wanderlusting, to our journey.

Exclusive Tryst Travels Include:

– Wardrobe selection for entire stay

– Overnight activities (aroma therapy massage or nuru massage, erotic reading, stretching)

– Memento and/or keepsake (still/motion, audio, and/or personalized art)

– Lifetime VIP membership

– Preferred treatment with booking future encounters


(6 hours 4,500)

“Our inception became the basis for a relationship of bliss, I can only describe as poetic.”

Haven’t been able to meet me on tour ever or just in a while? Want to create a brief encounter in your desired spot of teh world? This encounter was created with your wants in mind. Let us start on the surface of Social & Sensual.


(12 HOURS 8,000)

“Our inception became the basis for a relationship of bliss, I can only describe as poetic.”

This Travel Encounter allows us to go beyond and the surface and move deeper into the Social & Sensual. Perfectly suited for returning friends or special outings and occasions!


(24 hours 12,000)

“If I can inspire one spark of introspection or reflection in some else’s life, that’s a beautiful thing in my opinion.”

This travel encounter demands my utmost focus and dedicated energy. I truly peel back the layers and bare it all for this special and rare experience. Therefore, I have created this travel encounter solely for those I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with in person already. If we’ve had the privilege of experiencing each other in the Social & Sensual consider the Introspective Travel Encounter for our next engagement.

Travel Encounter Etiquette:

– For domestic travel 48 hours notice is desired but not ALWAYS required.

– 40% deposit is required to finalize all encounter request.

– I happily book my own travel & lodging.

– International travel requires a minimum 72 hour notice.